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I have found the crazy horse tool you have created and manufactured to be well made and very helpful in moving heavy sheet goods by myself. I am a one person shop and putting a heavy 3/4 inch sheet of plywood or particle board on my table saw has always been difficult by myself, however your product has made it much easier.
Thank you
George Brownsell
Eagle Bay, NY


Larry,  I have been using the crazy horse daily and it is a back saver and does enable me to process sheet goods alone. You

have created a valuable piece of equipment for the small shop owner.Thanks!

Chris Holverson,  The Carpenter's Son Woodworks,  Monroe, Wisconsin


Larry, I was impressed with how well the dolly was packed for shipment. it arrived in good shape with no damage. The assembly instructions were easy to follow and it went together without any problems. In use, it does everything you said it would do. The ease with which it can change direction as you move it through the shop is amazing. I’m moving sheet goods, lumber, work benches, tables and cabinet boxes with it. If every shop could use one of these for two minutes, they would want to have one.
Gary Stott,  Excelsior Mfg. Inc.,  Murphysboro, IL


Hi Larry, Just wanted you to know your horsey has been behaving itself and feels right at home. Saves my back and works wonderful. My most favorite tool I have ever purchased. Just thought you should know you did me right by this Crazy Horse!!  Thanks Again,
Gary Konen,  Garinold's Cabinet Shop,  Sugar Grove, IL


Hi Larry,  I trust all is going well with your endeavor. Sorry for the delayed response. I absolutely love this thing. It makes moving sheet material off the stack to the router or table saw very easy. No longer need lift and carry or drag heavy sheets to the machines. I can’t see anything to critique. Wouldn’t change a thing. I will make a comment on your YouTube channel as well. Thank you!                           Allen Harris,  AG Exhibits, Dallas, TX

A good design. Fair price. I think you have a winner. We have two cnc machines that the operators are all getting older and this will make their life easier.Thanks
Bob King, King and Company,  Marlborough, NH

(Bob was featured on the cover of March 2018 Issue of Woodshop News.  Here is the link-{"issue_id":477711,"page":0}


"Larry, The Crazy Horse is just as demonstrated in your online video and we are very pleased.  I have sent a link of the video to a friend who has a small shop as I think this will be a very good tool for him.  We use the Crazy Horse to assist in loading material on our CNC Router.  Eventually I would like to get a vacuum lift, but the Crazy Horse is a good alternative for material handling until we get a vacuum lift. I wish you much success in the future."

Brent L. Peek,  General Manager,  Southern Pride Custom Cabinets,  Madison, AL  


"The Crazy Horse is wonderful! I have a small, one man cabinet shop and this thing is perfect for moving full sheets of plywood by myself. I don't know how I ever lived without it!" 

Cristofer Bradley, Cristofer Bradley Cabinetry, Memphis, TN


"Hey Larry, Had an employee assemble it and used it on Saturday. I found out on Monday that the employee's were fighting over it to use it. So I think it's a hit in the shop. Let me know when they are available so I can buy a couple more. Thanks for shipping one to us for the testing."  Todd Salony,  Mitre Wright Woodworking, Inc., York, PA


Larry - Crazy Horse is a success here at Beaver Creek. The owner finally got to use it the other day and he loves it. He has a bad knee and is coming off shoulder surgery last year. Alot easier to move a sheet of plywood around the shop with the dolly. I think we are going to order another one.     Mitch Wing,  Beaver Creek Industries,  Canaseraga, NY

"Hi Larry,  Yes we got it today and we already tried it to load up the CNC router table.  It works great we will put it to work every day. Thanks, Ken Berube,  Artistic Cabinet Shop,  Orlando, FL."


The Crazy Horse comes in handy in several ways.  Here are a few. It's very convenient for carrying large counter tops, as if you had someone else helping you carry the opposite side.  Also, I don't have to stop anyone from doing their job to come and help me carry something.  Another reason I feel the Crazy Horse is very efficient and convenient is that it takes the stress off your back while carrying wider objects by yourself from point A to point B.  Basically, the Crazy Horse is a great assistant for carrying almost any large objects without any assistance from someone else, and is never late for work!  It's amazing that something so simple can be so helpful and productive.  These are my thoughts on the Crazy Horse.

Christopher Ellerman,  Top Saw Operator,  Custom Shop,  Hartson-Kennedy Cabinet Top Co. Inc.,  Gulfport MS Plant.


"Oh Larry.Poor, poor Larry. If this was supposed to be your retirement project, you are not going to be spending much time relaxing.  I couldn’t help myself, I broke off what I should have been working on and put it together and went over to the sheet goods racks and slid a 3/4 x 5 x 9 sheet of mcp and wheeled it around the shop. You are going to be selling these as fast as you can make them.  I will need to spend a little time getting familiar with the height adjustment but everything went together great and it works great."  Pete Meltzer,  Pennsylvania

Pete later turned in this review:

Hi Larry :

You can add this to your youtube page and as an edit to my email you already posted on your web page.  When I bought my CrazyHorse it was primarily for a couple of years in the future when I’m retired and I will be working by myself but I got it now and put it in the shop where I work.

I am primarily in the office these days doing drafting and project management but it’s a relatively small place and so for 2-300 hours a year I’m in the shop when we need to meet a deadline. Last week was one such week and I was able to use the Crazy Horse dolly regularly. Doing a 1/2 dozen sheets of pre-lay pl lam on pbd, normally I would have cleared the isles of all the stuff backed up for delivery and used the fork lift to get the pbd to the laminating station, but it’s so easy to steer around a big sheet on the CHD that it was faster just to fetch the sheets one at a time and steer around the obstacles in the way.

Next up for me to do was to rough out for 200 l.f. of  1 3/4” x 3 1/2” red oak bullnose. Our 8/4 red oak was 10-14” wide and 12’ long. It was heavy. We don’t have a straight line rip so I put the CHD 10’ behind the saw, rested the front of the board on the saw table and the back on the CHD and ripped the oak down to 4” widths. It made a very cumbersome job easy.

A couple of things I will mention that are not complaints but things to keep in mind :

1) Larry does it so seamlessly in the video that you don’t even notice it but there is some technique to be learned in kicking away the dolly when you’ve reached a part of the operation where it has rolled into your way.

2) The caster wheels on it will jump 1/4” steel plate but they’ll stop in their tracks if you have a hard 3/4” edge from plywood on your floor w/o some kind of bevel on the edge.

3) If you’re using it as an outrigger on your table saw, say you are cutting a 20” pc off a 96” length of ply on a Unisaw, sweep the floor of any debris in the way.

Even though I’ve only had it for a week I can highly recommend the Crazy Horse Dolly to anyone in the trade. The smaller the shop the more indispensable it’s likely to feel,  but I could see it having a useful role in large shops as well.

Pete Meltzer


"As the original user of the Crazy Horse, I thought it appropriate that I should comment here.  About 18 years ago I decided to change over from faceframe to 32mm Frameless construction.  After getting set up, I realized on the very first job loading 3/4" melamine onto the slider was about the most laborious thing I had ever done in cabinetmaking.  The options of placing the sheets close to the saw, using a fork lift,  obtaining a pneumatic boom, etc, were either too expensive or still too cumbersome and frankly, dangerous. As I went through the motions of the best way to load the slider, it seemed that what I needed was to simply get from the stack, to the saw.  After mulling this over a bit, I hit on the idea of using leverage like an old-fashioned lumberyard pike or pivot.  Then, I decided to put wheels on it and make it a dolly.  The point of the pivot was the problem.  You had to be able to put the sheetgoods on it at any angle, transport it without it sliding off, not damage the surface, and allow you to manipilate the sheet as needed to place it on the saw or bench.  After several tries, I came up with the compound rubber I use today.  I used this dolly for 18 years before I decided to bring it to market.  It is my opinion, and you may say I am prejudiced, but no machine meant to cut sheetgoods should come without a Crazy Horse.  For you, as for me today, it will become an indispensable part of your daily operation, not just on the slider or cnc router, but dozens of other uses around the shop.  In the coming months I will be producing videos to show other uses for the Crazy Horse, so stay tuned."  Larry