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The Crazy Horse bears heavy loads for any user, making them "Light as a Feather."
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The Perfect Dolly for Woodworking and More

The Crazy Horse is a unique, low tech cart that was invented by master craftsman Larry Lee. With over 40 years of experience in woodworking, Larry found that there was no simple, economical dolly that enabled one person to easily and safely transfer and transport heavy sheet goods and other awkward materials— giving birth to the idea for this amazing product. Using a combination of mankind's understanding of ancient physics and modern refinements, this dolly helps take materials that are hard for one man to carry, like plywood and particleboard, and transports them easily without the need for an additional workman.

Our Mission:

The vision of Crazy Horse, LLC. is that, through the use of this simple machine, the lives of woodworkers and others that may find it useful will be impacted in positive ways. This would include the financial, safety, general atmosphere, productivity, and personal health aspects of the typical woodworking and tradesman shop. The goal is to have a Return On Investment that is so positive in so many areas, that it would be difficult to quantify the total impact with simple numbers or dollar amounts. The ultimate goal is to, as often as possible during the workday, make work "Light as a Feather."

Shipping - All Orders Are Shipped Directly To The Location Of Your Choice Through UPS

Warranty - All Orders Come With A One Year Warranty For Parts

Returns - An Order Can Be Returned Within Thirty Days Minus Shipping

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